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Day Centres: Supportive Spaces Promoting Positive Mental Health

 Many older people rely on day centres for additional care and support. Unfortunately, due to funding cuts, fewer people are eligible for funded social care and day centres have had to close.  

Fortunately, the Merle Boddy Day Centre is open, providing a lifeline for those in Swaffham.

 Combatting loneliness

 It becomes harder to keep up social connections as we grow older. Gone are the days ofsimply asking people to be our friends. The loneliness that comes with our increasingly small world can make us feel hollow.

That's why conversation and listening are so important at our day centre. It's a safe and welcoming environment where the elderly can come to socialise, boosting their mental health. Many of our regulars see our staff and volunteers as family!

 Building confidence toseek support

 Day centres play an important role in helping people access social care services. They provide the support that’s missing from drop-ins at community and leisure centres. This helps individuals maintain their independence and can ease them into further support.

 It’s not easy asking for help but day centres can slow the need for more extensive care and give people the confidence to ask for further support.

 Increasing wellbeing andproviding stimulation

 Activities like quizzes, arts, crafts, music, and memory games keep minds active. They’re also much-needed entertainment.

 Memory games are an outlet. Reminiscing, sharing stories, singing, and talking about shared experiences can bring joy to participants. Craftingis always popular and can help to maintain motor skills and coordination.

 Supporting independencefor longer 

As we get older, we find that we're not as capable as we once were, which can be a hard pill to swallow. Day centres can help those who live at home to maintain their independence for longer. 

Sometimes we feel lonely or need some extra help, but it can be hard to admit it. Even if you've always been an independent person who takes care of others, it's ok to ask for support. We all need it at some point!

 Giving something to lookforward to 

We may feel let down by our health or not being able to do things as before. We’re more aware of our fallibility as we get older, which causes a loss of confidence. That's why some people begin to visit day centres when they experiencea loss.

 Day centres are something to look forward to. Having a routine and structure helps them cope and feel happier. They also build a support network which makes them feel that much safer.

 Providing comfort through food

 It’s easy to lose motivation to cook when you live alone. Health conditions can also make it that much harder. A hot meal made by someone else can make all the difference - nothing beats a hearty meal like cottage pie or rice pudding.


 Day centres are a break from loneliness and monotony, while signposting the way to other services. Going to a centre is an event to look forward to and an opportunity to socialise.

 Entrusting a loved one to others can be hard. But care giversalso need time off.

 If you have any questions about day centres or want to organise a home visit, our team is here to help. Call us on 01760 724527.

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